Add a “real” search box to the Google Chrome New Tab page


Google’s Chrome web browser displays a search box on the web browser’s New Tab page by default. Web browser users may have noticed three things: first, that the search box is not showing if most search engines are selected, second, that personalization options are only provided if Google is selected. like search engine, and third, that the search field is wrong.

To note: If you select Bing Search, you might notice that the search box is not wrong. It works just like the search box on the Bing homepage.

Google placed the search box on Chrome’s New Tab page in 2012 and has kept it there ever since. The sole purpose of the search box is to provide users with another option to search using Google search. Activation, however, does not return any search results. The only effect of clicking or tapping on the search field is that the address bar field is activated.

In other words: the search box redirects the entry to the address bar. Users could use the address bar immediately instead and there would be no difference.

Some web browser users may not like the functionality. I don’t like it because it doesn’t offer any advantage over performing searches directly from the address bar.

Google Chrome offers an experimental flag that users can turn on that turns the bogus search box into a real search box.

Note that this only works if Google Search is the search engine in the Chrome browser.

real search field new chrome tab

Here is how it is done:

  1. Load the following address by entering it in the Chrome address bar: chrome: // flags /
  2. Find the actual search box on the New Tab page. You can also skip the first two steps by loading chrome: // flags / # ntp-realbox directly.
  3. Set the flag status to On.
  4. Restart the Chrome browser.

When you open a New Tab page in Chrome after restarting and start typing in the search box, you will notice that it is now active and no longer redirects to the address bar. Google Chrome returns suggestions as you type based on browsing history but also Google search.

Now you: What do you think of the search fields on the New Tab pages? (Going through Ask VG)


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Add a “real” search box to the Google Chrome New Tab page

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Find out how to turn the fake Google search box on Chrome’s New Tab page into a real search box that actually works!


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