Bluetail launches digital recordings search engine


Aircraft data access and storage provider Bluetail has introduced a digital document search engine called Mach Search. Founded a year ago with the aim of providing a simple and cost-effective platform for digitizing aircraft records, the company has developed this latest product based on feedback from its customers, including flight services. company, charter operators, aircraft owners, brokers and schools.

“With the introduction of our Mach search capability, we are taking a step forward in introducing optical character recognition (OCR) machine learning capabilities to the world of business and private aviation,” said Bluetail Co-Founder Roberto Guerrieri “By leveraging our cloud-native Amazon Web Services platform, Mach Search enables ‘rocket science’ level business process automation, storage and search.

According to the company, the system uses OCR to streamline the ingestion, organization and retrieval of operations and maintenance documents. It can even recognize handwriting to search by A&P technician signature or inspector approval, Blutail said. Recordings can be downloaded via a computer, tablet or smartphone, and searched by numbers, text or form.

To ensure the system would be up and running for customers at launch, Guerrieri said recordings are being done alongside technology development. “To date, we have executed over a million customer records through Mach machine learning code,” he said.

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