Google brings visual updates to the search box in Gmail


Google has made some visual updates to Gmail’s search box.

It updated the advanced search icon and prompt text for Gmail and Chat users.

It introduced an updated icon to access advanced search options. The location of icons has also been changed.

“When you click on that icon, you get a visual interface that integrates Gmail’s advanced search operators to help you find specific emails,” Google explained in a blog post.

Regarding the updated prompt text for Gmail and Chat users, those who use Gmail and Google Chat, the hint text in the search box will now say “search all conversations”.

If users are only using Gmail, there will be no change and the text will still say “search email”.

There are no updates to any functionality with this update, it is just a user interface update, the tech giant said.

Separately, it also extends the rollout of the new improved Google Chat UI for all users.

It had announced various improvements to Google Chat on the web (i.e. and the Progressive Chat Web App (PWA) in March 2021.

At that time, these changes were only initiated for domains where the Gmail service was enabled.

As of June 30, 2021, these changes will also be applied to domains with the Gmail service disabled.

“The new interface gives users a consistent and predictable chat experience across the Chat surfaces in Gmail and Standalone Chat. It also includes new integrations to improve productivity, ”he said.

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