Google is the most popular search query on Bing



The Google search engine is so popular that it has become the most popular search query in Microsoft’s Bing search engine. This was announced yesterday by a representative of the company in the court of the European Union.

“We have submitted evidence showing that by far the most common search query on Bing is Google,” said Alfonso Lamadrid, lawyer for Alphabet Inc. at the EU General Court in Luxembourg.

In this regard, the tech giant appealed to the judges with a motion to abolish the record fine of 4.3 billion euros and the 2018 antitrust authority ruling, which stated that Google was promoting illegal of its search application on Android phones. According to the European Commission, the company made a deliberate strategic decision to squeeze out potential competitors and increase market share in which the service already occupies a dominant, almost monopolistic position.

Google continues to insist that this conclusion is false and unfair. “People use Google because it’s their choice, not because they’ve been forced to. Google’s share of the total search market is consistent with consumer surveys showing that 95% of users prefer Google to competing search engines, ”concluded Mr. Lamadrid.

This week, Google will try to lift the European Union’s fine of 4.3 billion euros

According to Bloomberg, Google will appeal this week against a record European Union fine of 4.3 billion euros. During a five-day hearing before the European Court of General Justice in Luxembourg, the company will attempt to prove to judges that the European Commission was wrong, demanding to amend contracts it considers anti-competitive with phone makers running on Android OS.

The EC found that Google’s contracts violated antitrust laws; in which it forces manufacturers of Android phones to use Google search; and browser apps and other company services when they want to license the Google Play Store.

Although the European Union has called the terms of these contracts an illegal restriction; Google says its move undermines the business model that allowed it to provide free Android software; by generating advertising revenue. The company, which generated $ 182.5 billion in revenue last year, has started a lucrative banner and video advertising business; thanks in large part to Android’s dominance in the mobile operating system market.

Additionally, “Android has given everyone more choices, not less; and supports thousands of successful businesses in Europe and around the world; A Google spokesperson said today before his hearing.

While winning one of three lawsuits that Google has filed against the EU could strengthen the company’s position; he is unlikely to be able to stop the regulatory pressure. At best, it will change some of the specific laws discussed by lawmakers; said Georgios Petropoulos, researcher at the Brussels think tank Bruegel.


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