How to Add a New Search Box in Chrome Browser

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Check how to add a new search box in Chrome browser

Chrome’s address bar can be used for a quick Google search, but it’s not limited to that. You can search any site or app in the same bar. This is useful if you regularly search for certain programs, such as Gmail, Google Drive or Twitter. You don’t need to open a site to search for it, just like you don’t need to go to to search on Google. Just type in a term, hit the tab and you’re done. These custom search engines don’t take long to implement, and the time they can save you adds up.

Here you will find everything you need to know to get started. Google can also be used as a calculator and translation. Looked.

Search any app in Chrome’s search bar

  • To get started, open Chrome’s settings by clicking on the three dots at the top right.
  • Click on Searcher later manage search enginesor go directly to chrome://settings/searchEngines.
  • From here you can add new search engines.
  • For Searcher, add the site name; for example Twitter.
  • For Keyword, you can use whatever you want. Google’s defaults tend to use the URL; for example,
  • the URLs it’s a bit more complicated but not that bad. Go to the site you are building a search engine for, then search for something. I like to use something easy to detect, like asdf.
  • Copy the search bar URL, then go back to Chrome’s settings tab and paste the URL. Finally, replace the search term asdf with %s. Like that:
  • Click on Add, and you are ready. Added a custom search engine to Chrome. Now type your keyword in the address bar to see the text Press Tab to find
  • press the Tongue and you can start your search directly in the address bar. You can also enter the keyword and press Space out“It works the same.”

You can now search Twitter without opening twitter dot com. For a real challenge, try to think of something to research that won’t produce any toxic results. Of course, Twitter is just one example. This method works for any website with a search box, as long as you can copy a URL. Try it with any app you frequently search for.

Final Words: How to Add a New Search Box in Chrome Browser

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