How to remove Windows 10 search box from taskbar


The Windows 10 taskbar search box takes up a lot of space. If you want to create more space in the taskbar, you can reduce its size or remove it entirely.

One of the features of Windows 10 since a few versions has been a Windows search box that Cortana lived in. And it takes up a good chunk of taskbar space. If you prefer to have more room in the taskbar for icons, you can get rid of it. Here’s how.

Windows 10 search box

If you’re new to Windows 10 or have been using it for a while now, you’ll like this tip. This makes more room for other items you might want on the taskbar.

Windows 10 search box

The Windows search box is next to the Start button. But it takes a lot of space in the taskbar.

When you search for an app, file, or other items, a search results box will appear with the best matches. It also includes features at the top that allow for more in-depth and specific research if you need it.

search results

Hide Windows 10 search box

To remove the search box, you have several options. Right-click in the area or in an empty area next to it on the taskbar. From the menu go to Search and you can choose to simply Show search icon or select Hidden.

    Search icon

First, here’s a look at how only the search icon is displayed – it looks like a magnifying glass and is just a button. You can still click on it to search, but it frees up a lot of the space on the taskbar.

    search icon only

In the following example, I turned it off completely – it’s all gone. This gives you a nice and clean appearance on the taskbar and easy access to the start button.

    deleted search icon

If you want to make even more room, you can also get rid of the Cortana and Task View buttons. Right click on the taskbar and uncheck them in the menu.

remove cortana and task view

Here’s what it looks like with the Search, Cortana, and Task View buttons removed. Only the Start button remains and you can directly access your applications in the taskbar.

everything has been deleted

So, how to search for Windows 10?

So now you might be wondering how to search for Windows 10 with search box and button removed? It’s simple. Hit it Windows key on your keyboard and start typing your query. When you start typing, the Windows search box appears. For example, here I just hit the Windows key and started typing my search for Windows administrative tools.

search for administration tools

That’s all we can say about it. Whether or not you want to remove the Search button completely, let alone the Task View and / or Cortana buttons, just getting rid of the entire box saves a lot of space for other things.

It should be noted that the Task View button will display the Windows Timeline feature. If you don’t use this feature, you can go ahead and remove the button. And I don’t know a lot of people who use Cortana on their PCs anyway – so removing that button just gives you more taskbar space.

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