Google is in the process of making some changes to Pixel Launcher, which means it’s time for third-party launchers to catch up. Action Launcher has been leading the way when it comes to adopting Pixel elements, but here’s Nova Launcher with a redesigned search box, Pixel 2-style notification dots, and more. However, you will need the full version to get everything new.

Updated Pixel Launcher features are available in the latest beta version of Nova, version 5.5-beta3. Here is what you get.

  • Search bar in dock (Nova settings – Dock – Search bar in dock – Icons above or below)
  • Android 8.1 style context menu (Nova Settings – Appearance – Context menu – Blocks)
  • Adaptive icon animations when dragging and dropping
  • Improved the speed of applying a new responsive icon shape or icon theme
  • Many fixes and optimizations under the hood

The search box can be placed at the bottom of your screen above or below the favorites tray. You also have all the usual customization options for the dock. Nova has had a few notification badge options for a while, but now it has Oreo-style dots with the notification pop-up. You can long press the icons to access notifications directly. The layout is the same as the Pixel 2 version of the launcher, which is a bit more compact than the old one. Action Launcher added dots and notifications a while back, but it’s still OG Pixel style.

You must join the beta program on the Play Store if you want to access it. Alternatively, there is an APK that you can download Mirror APK.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher