Sitelinks search box may take a month to display in SERPs


John Mueller of Google recently explained that a sitelink search box can take up to a month to appear in search results.

This topic arose during a Google Webmaster Central Hangout where a question was asked regarding how long it takes for a sitelink search box to show up in the SERPs.

Compared to other types of markup, a sitelink search field can take a long time to display.

Mueller says it’s because Google wants to make sure it’s something that will be available on a site in the long run.

With other types of markup, Google may crawl it once or twice and then show it in search results. However, a sitelink search box can take up to a month to display.


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So don’t be discouraged if you’ve implemented sitelink search box markup that you don’t see in Google yet.

Mueller also states that Google is not required to display a sitelink search box just because markup is being used.

As with any other type of structured data, Google can decide whether or not to display a rich result. It usually depends on the usefulness of a researcher’s query.

Listen to Mueller’s full response below, starting at 43:06:


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“One of the things I’ve seen with the sitelinks search box is that if you set up the markup for it on your site, then it’s something that takes a long time to actually get into effect.

So it’s not like other types of content where we can maybe crawl this page once or twice and then we can show that kind of rich result in the search results.

A sitelink search box is something we really need to see in the long term. Sometimes it takes a month, maybe even longer, to show up in search results.

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